MS Project Management 2007 2010
                               Ms Project Management Course
                        İstanbul Ankara İzmir Bursa Özel


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Learn the fundamental essantials of the Project Management as excercising in practice


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Course Program  

 Duration  12 hours
 Dates  Each month 2 shifts pls ask the dates :
 Materials used  Projection, Brifing  board, Computer per person
 Methods  With an easy logic, giving the project fundemantels at the start,  giving first  what  to do and practicesing how to do, project
 examples, team work shop and presentation at the end.
 Hours  13:00 - 18:00  [2 Days]
 What do u get  You will easly start, plan, control, execute, report and finilase the projects with the right methods by MS project .  Using the
 methods what you leanrned would increase the  efficency of your works and the efficiency of the entire corparation. For all
 companies which work with the coparate governance are using the project methodology as a business standart.
 Price  400 TL (VAT included)
 Place  Yönetim Academia 
 Instructor  About the instructor
 Internet connection  Each computer connected to the internet, you can check your mails during the breaks
 Options   The place of the course can be at your site and the course content can be specific for the demanding company (please contact for
 mutual agreement)
 Who to attend  Project Managers, project members, those who wanna work on this area, consruction, architechture, information systems,
 organizations, textile, otomotive companies, municipalities, ngo's, project outsourcers, all those who are in constraint time and


Content of The Program

Theory of the project methodology

Five Pillars of The Projects (start,plan,execute,control,finalise)

Three Pillars of the Execution (Schedule, cost, quality -SCQ)

Risk Planning & Soulitions (Risk matrix and management, easy method)

Starting MS Project
Planning and Phasing
Work Break Down Structure - WBS

Linking the tasks

Assigning the tasks - resource management
Project Baseline
CPM, PERT Methods
Control and Reporting
Reporting , EVA, SPI, CPI
Analysing the project examples

Practising of the self project
Team work and work shop for the joint project

This program aims using tested easy, fast and useful methods to finilase the projects successfully. The PMI - Project Management Institude is the world project standart setter and their thoery is "Body of Knowledge". We ll be using the same infrastructure and the methodology under tested experiences.


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